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Guide pages contain lists of profiles of Ideas and People. Profiles are sorted in reverse-chronological order by date of last update, so that active ideas (and participants) appear at the top. Updated by Grantsbot.

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Gallery pages contain profiles of featured ideas and people, one profile per page. They are updated by Grantsbot.

Activity feed edit

The activity feed contains a reverse-chronological list of event entries. Each entry contains a little information about some recent event in the IdeaLab. Updated by Grantsbot.

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These pages need to periodically be checked and marked for translation if there have been changes.

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Role categories edit

For participant profiles
For ideas

Other idea categories edit

  • IdeaLab/Ideas/IdeaLab

(if idealab=YES in idealab infobox)

Required sub category, mutually exclusives:

  • IdeaLab/Ideas/Active

(if it something in the supercategory is neither completed nor withdrawn)

  • IdeaLab/Ideas/Completed
  • IdeaLab/Ideas/Withdrawn

(if status=COMPLETED or WITHDRAWN in idealab infobox)

Optional Subcategory:

  • IdeaLab/Ideas/Participants

(if participants=YES)

Created ideas (these are self-updating lists) edit

Active in IdeaLab edit

  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IdeaLab/Ideas/Active</categorytree>

Completed in IdeaLab edit

  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IdeaLab/Ideas/Completed</categorytree>

Withdrawn from IdeaLab edit

  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IdeaLab/Ideas/Withdrawn</categorytree>

In IdeaLab ONLY (ideas started at IdeaLab) edit

  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IdeaLab/Ideas/IdeaLab</categorytree>


  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IEG/Proposals/IdeaLab/Only</categorytree>

this should be deprecated

In IdeaLab+IEG drafts (draft proposals started at IEG) edit

  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IEG/Proposals/Draft/IdeaLab</categorytree>

In IdeaLab but INELIGIBLE for IEG edit

  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IEG/Proposals/Ineligible/IdeaLab</categorytree>

Looking for participants edit

  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IdeaLab/Ideas/Participants</categorytree>
  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IEG/Proposals/Participants</categorytree>

In IdeaLab and IEG edit

  • code: <categorytree hideroot="on" mode="pages" hideprefix="always">IEG/Proposals/IdeaLab</categorytree>

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