This is the planning page for the January - March 2015 worksprint we're doing on IdeaLab around the inaugural Inspire campaign.

Team edit

Sprint goals edit

  • support a 10x increase in ideas and participants in the portal
  • make the IdeaLab the jumping off point for Inspire campaigns
  • engage a wider and more diverse audience

Features edit

Campaign splash page edit

Grants:IdeaLab/Inspire will be the campaign-specific landing page. Grants:Inspire will redirect to Grants:IdeaLab/Inspire. The splash page is similar to Grants:IdeaLab/Ideas, but will reflect the Inspire campaign branding (imagery, color scheme, etc), rather than the generic IdeaLab branding.

The splash page will feature campaign-specific content and calls to action:

  • galleries of campaign-related ideas and user profiles created during the campaign
  • links to campaign resources (like Gender gap and the IdeaLab Safe Space policy)
  • links to guide pages for campaign ideas
  • a campaign specific activity feed
  • a call to action to create a campaign idea (and a FormWizard button)
  • a call to action to "join the campaign" by creating a user profile (another FormWizard button)
  • an announcements banner
  • a campaign leaderboard showing the number of ideas submitted, and a link to a "report" of the most endorsed ideas and most discussed ideas

Note: the regular IdeaLab page will be updated to include a prominent link to the campaign splash page, but will otherwise be unaffected.

Profiles edit

IdeaLab participant profiles will be created with the FormWizard or with an editintro/preload workflow, and each profile will be its own page. Basic profile information will be captured in a Lua-based template, and people will be able to add other information about themselves, their work, etc to their profile page, or use it as a personal workspace.

Matching edit

GrantsBot will suggest Ideas that people may want to work on, based on the interests and skills they specify when creating their profile. These recommendations will be posted on the user's profile talk page.

Guides edit

New guide pages are needed for all campaign ideas, new campaign ideas, and user profiles by interest and skill.

Leaderboard edit

A leaderboard (wikitable or chart template) linked from the Campaign splash page will show the n ideas that have the most endorsements, most participants (joiners), and most talk-page contributors.

Campaign progress bar edit

A progress bar will show how many ideas have been created (out of total goal?), and how many profiles have been created (or how many people have participated?)

Probox edit

Probox for campaign-related ideas will use the campaign logo and color scheme, rather than the traditional IdeaLab logo and color scheme.

Gadgets edit

FormWizard will be used to create both new ideas and to create user profiles.

Banners & Notifications edit

We are exploring possibilities for using Notifications to alert people who have created profiles or ideas in the IdeaLab about events that occur on/around those ideas or profiles.

We are exploring the possibility of using Notifications or CentralNotice to advertise the campaign across projects.

Pages edit

see also: Grants:IdeaLab/Build/Maintenance

Main page edit

User-facing subpages edit

Leaderboards and Scoreboards edit

Configuration pages edit

Translatable Content Template pages edit

Bot-updated pages edit

Guides edit

Galleries edit

(galleries for people will be the same ones as rest of IdeaLab)

Feeds edit

Templates edit

Process pages edit

  • user profile creation edit-intro?
  • user profile creation preload?

Files edit

Categories edit

Profile categories edit

New idea categories edit

Styles edit

New palette (more accessible) edit

  • grey: #535353 - use only a dark grey everywhere, no light grey text.
  • orange: #cd6601 - hopefully this is dark enough.
  • teal: #27666b
  • Dk purple: 460c40
  • Magenta: b61e53

Old palette (less accessible) edit

  • Dk purple: 460c40
  • Aqua: 55ada8
  • Dk yellow: f9a01b (same hex as IdeaLab yellow)
  • Magenta: b61e53

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