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Open Education Resources (OER) for Economics
summaryOER for Economics will help worldwide graduate, post graduate students to learn Economics of Global Trade & finance in interactive and low cost manner.
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amount50,000 Rs for organising educational references and materials.
granteeDr Sujata Dhopte
contact• sujatadhopte(_AT_)• sujatadhopte(_AT_)
project managerDr Sujata Dhopte
community organizerDr Sujata Dhopte
researcherDr Sujata Dhopte
developerDr Sujata Dhopte
created on06:38, Thursday, March 24, 2016 (UTC)
round 1 2016

Project idea edit

What is the problem you're trying to solve? edit

Free access for online quality education in Economics

What is your solution? edit

Creating teaching, learning and research material in public domain.

Project goals edit

It will be opportunity to expand educational access for researchers and students community.

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Project plan edit

Activities edit

Content development through OER wikimedia platform for Researchers and Students community within 4 months and then going for review and development for next 2 months involving academicians.

Budget edit

Individual Grant: 50,000 Rs for organizing educational references and materials.

Community engagement edit

We will go for pilot online screening sessions in undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers and researchers and get feedback.

Sustainability edit

our OER resources will reach to the villages and cities and constant updating will help for creating strong educational platform.

Measures of success edit

Excellent frequency of feedback and update editing will develop OER portal to excellence.

Project team edit

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