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Anti defamation and harassing biographies of living people
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created on12:16, Friday, June 3, 2016 (UTC)

Making it easier to take down biographies put up about living people without their consent.

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I have been trying for months now to get an article about my friend taken down. It was created by a group that got mad at him and went to great lengths to get back at him in any venue that they could. He has been trying since 2009 to get it taken down with no luck. I think no biography of a living person should be able to be created or modified with out the permission of the subject. Wikipedia is being used as a platform for hate speech because of the problems like this.

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Make it a firmly enforced rule to not allow biographies of living people to be posted with out their permission. Make sure the person that gets the permission is a legitimate actor and not someone pretending to be "helpful".

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