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Wikipedia Road Show Bus
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A Wikipedia bus, equipped with computers, scanners, cameras, video and fast Internet connection, takes cross-continental road trips to reach out to new users and cultural institutions.
created on: 19:42, 6 October 2013

Project idea


A Wikipedia Road Show Bus, equipped with computers, scanners, cameras, audio, and video equipment makes cross-continental road trips supporting content creation, educational institutions, GLAM organizations, and new editors.

Project goals


Create new content, improve digital literacy, train users and GLAM organizations located outside major cities or in places without chapters, train members of existing chapters.

Could be used by partnerships promoting offline Wikipedia and Wikipedia Mobile in the Global South.

A Google Internet Bus began traveling around India in 2009. There is also a Netti-Nyse (‘internet bus’) in Sweden.

Similar projects in the US include: Public library computer labs, the C-SPAN Bus program, an Arkansas digital literacy bus, StoryCorps, the Antiques Roadshow, On the Road with Charles Kuralt.

Additional partnership possibilities could be news, cultural, and tech organizations, bus companies, and organizations involved in training students of media, journalism, photography, or cinematography.

Could also partner to create documentaries and features with organizations involved in public broadcasting, National Geographic, etc.


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