Grants:IEG/Enhance Proofreading for Dutch

statusnot selected
Enhance Proofreading for Dutch
summaryAdd rules and spell checking to the existing LanguageTool implementation for Dutch, to enhance language use on Wikipedia
targetDutch Wikipedia
strategic priorityimprove quality
amountEUR 8000
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created on07:00, 3 September 2014 (UTC)

Project idea edit

What is the problem you're trying to solve? edit

Grammar as well as spelling errors are quite common in text, in Wikipedia texts too. LanguageTool can help a lot, but current rules are affected by the Wikipedia mark-up and spellchecking is off.

What is your solution? edit

I would adjust LT rules in a way that mark-up is no longer falsely reported. I would also add a faster spell checker containing millions of correct Dutch words and most proper names that are currently in Wikipedia.

Project goals edit

Improve readability and of Wikipedia articles and thus a wider public.

Project plan edit

Activities edit

I will use collected words and word frequencies and word correctness info into a spelling dictionary, better and faster than the current one, which is too slow to switch on. I will add and edit LanguageTool rules, specifically to reduce false alarms.

Budget edit

This will be time- and money-boxed at 1 day a week, for half a year, i.e. 2 days * 20 weeks * 8 hours * € 50

Community engagement edit

Modifications will be implemented gradually, thus resulting in feedback from daily use.

Sustainability edit

Additions will be part of regular LT distributions and as such part if its life cycle.

Measures of success edit

- No more false positives by Wikipedia mark-up - Spell checking enabled on Dutch Wikipedia - all correct Wikipedia proper names accepted by the spell checker

Get involved edit

Participants edit

TaalTik - actually R.J. Baars, has created the Dutch LanguageTool implementation from 2006 and was biggest contributor to the Dutch spelling checker for Mozilla, Ooo, LibreOffice based on Hunspell.

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