Grants:IdeaLab/Develop an extension for building views of Wikidata in any Wikis.

Develop an extension for building views of Wikidata in any Wikis.
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summaryThe idea is to finish to develop the extension LinkedWiki for Mediawiki allows to print the Linked Data of Wikidata or another source with a SPARQL query on your Mediawiki or in any project of the foundation (Wikiversity,...).
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amount12000 USD
contact• Karima.rafes(_AT_)
project managerKarima Rafes
researcherKarima Rafes
developerKarima Rafes
created on12:12, Saturday, March 26, 2016 (UTC)
round 1 2016

Project ideaEdit

What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

The first step for fixing errors in the data of Wikidata is to find the errors.

What is your solution?Edit

The first version of the extension LinkedWiki can print a simple table of Wikidata directly in any Mediawiki. The next step is to simplify the action to write a query in the mother tongue of users/students in the wiki of their schools or of Wikiversity. In the school, the students will be able to detect the errors and their teachers will be able to ask to fix these errors in Wikidata.

Project goalsEdit

The first version of the extension can print a simple table in a Wiki page. The next step is to develop :

  • a special page for building the SPARQL query in the mother tongue of students.(demo)
  • imagine the manner to create a lib (in javascript) of charts for printing the data directly in a course of Wikiversity for example or in a school's wiki.

I'm testing the idea on private tools. Now, I need of time to transfer this idea in an extension for Mediawiki. Example of homeworks with my students (French) :

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Project planEdit


Building and test this extension with real students.


12000 USD for 6 months with a senior developer and a young developer.

Community engagementEdit

We can organize differents events in the universities "Wikidata for Science" where the students can create views of WIkidata very easily.


The extension is maintained since 2010 by my little company BorderCloud. Now I want to finish this extensions with Wikidata.

Measures of successEdit

One goal is to create nice courses/homeworks of geography, economy, history, Web semantic, etc in Wikiversity with the data of Wikidata.

Project teamEdit

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