นายครูกิติศักดิ์ บุญขำEdit

Measure replacement rate among the adminsEdit

Gamefication of Wikipedia's PromotionEdit

Comprehensive harassment and privacy policyEdit

Make Wikipedia beautifulEdit

Upgraded Blocked User Reinstatement SystemEdit

WikiProject WomenEdit

Lua libs for behavior-driven developmentEdit

Health rating radio button template on talk pagesEdit

Wiki BibliographiesEdit

Freedom of Expression - Create a space for everyones' thoughts.Edit

Increase visibility of the Gender Gap in all Wikimedia ProjectsEdit

Use a Siamese network to propose categories for images at CommonsEdit

The SignWriting Team and Written Sign Language ProjectsEdit

Identify knowledge or skill bottlenecksEdit


Measuring consensus for decision-making processesEdit

Survey of hostile experiences among new editorsEdit

Comprehensive research medium in reference to systems theoryEdit

Longitudinal study of new user experiencesEdit

Percentage of abandoned articles metricEdit

Reminders to know when you need to stop and take a restEdit

Email inactive (formerly active) users with a survey on inactivity reasonsEdit

Identify and quantify toxic usersEdit

A "Listen" ButtonEdit

Workshop: How men can objectively write about womenEdit

Assembly line editingEdit

Identify potential collaborators-group via past articles and contributionsEdit

Article quality improvement rateEdit

Logout toolEdit

Meetup Page Creation ToolEdit

Enforce civilityEdit

From AfC to DYKEdit

What's wrong with Wikipedia?Edit

Newsletter extension for MediaWikiEdit

Create a comprehensive set of metricsEdit

Hablarle a todos sobre Wikipedia.Edit


Editor rescueEdit

Levels of Admins to create hierarchical order among editorsEdit

Measure number of active editorsEdit

Meetup WikipediaEdit

Small-scale bias correctionEdit


create a general time-based dynamic overview of various issues and topicsEdit

Separate conflicting users instead of punishingEdit

Multidimensional EPR (Earned Public Reputation)Edit

Dark ThemeEdit

Wikimedia 2.0Edit

Improve Page Style Add Reader modeEdit

Check how many edits done by users are deleted and how many old users are "guarding" articles from any change, or deleting new stuff added by unlogged usersEdit

Join Good Health Army for Witting Good Content for Wikipedia.Edit

measure the gain of quality on added value articles broken down according to well-chosen criteriaEdit

Talk Page Moderation AssistantEdit

Depoliticize historical pagesEdit

Measure administrative mistakesEdit

Make non-article additions (citations, categories, etc) easierEdit

Vet all new editorsEdit

Monitoring of new editors - Analyzes of the editing behavior of new users in the German WikipediaEdit

Editing and translating tutorialEdit

Classify abandoned and new articles by importanceEdit

Automated and customizable widgets for Portals, wikiprojets and community pagesEdit

Better Communication for beginnersEdit

thesis - antithesis - snythesisEdit

Open GarbageEdit

Open the philosophy of the encyclopedia.Edit

administrators' user page disclosuresEdit

Contribution Scaling and BadgesEdit

You Are Fake NewsEdit

visual estimulationEdit

Allow users to rank articles on usefulnessEdit

User ratingEdit

Allowing users to create a following based on articles based on WikipediaEdit


In syncEdit

Measuring the health of an articleEdit

Make sysops a technical role, but for realEdit

Add tutorials in WikipadiaEdit

What do you want to name your idea?Edit

Google Malayalam Typing KeyboardEdit

Google Traslate in Content TraslationEdit

enable everyday users (non-editors) to rate parts of the articleEdit

Creation of international ombudsmanEdit

Get inspired by the Stack Overflow community gamification to strengthen Wikipedia contributing communityEdit

Location tracking systemEdit

Health stated in their own words.Edit

A Certificate Course in Editing and Level tests.Edit

Pass The ExamEdit

Aging of ArticlesEdit

Working page semi-protectionEdit

Visual Post :The person who are writing is very close to situation and eye witness of the incidentEdit

Revisiting health articlesEdit

improving the UIEdit

Some administrators drive content contributors away.Edit

Article rankingEdit

Choose KindEdit

An "Edited by (name)" for registered users plus a diff of the changes done to the pageEdit

Rated Ticket System with optional Achievements for the Gamification FreaksEdit

Build ethnical communitiesEdit

Syncing Articles across languagesEdit


Kicking KickstarterEdit

Culture of appreciation for volunteersEdit

Take ResponsibilityEdit

Point for authorsEdit

HBU RoomEdit

Reward for the regular contributorsEdit

Community review for potentially toxic usersEdit


Location based editorsEdit

Online learning group for editingEdit

change the thinkingEdit

Correct grammatical errors!Edit

Function to disallow editing of certain users on a certain page for edit warsEdit

Graphs and chartsEdit

Visual Editor for Talk pages, Discussion pages, etcEdit

2 ideasEdit

Wikipedia Gender Concerns Reporting ToolsEdit

Encourage Editors To Keep EditingEdit

حفاظت از محیط زیستEdit

Humans body is great.Edit

Encourage people to create articleEdit

User Block and UnblockEdit

Add images of obsolete Kana characters for who has an obsolete Unicode system installedEdit

Allow Forking and Merging for Conflicting Scientific Schools and ApproachesEdit

Reasons for Leaving (example idea)Edit

Develop information technology advocate team to enhance qualifications of WikipediaEdit

Annual training for Administrators, ArbCom, Wikimedia, and Chapter leadersEdit

We are the WorldEdit


Vanity detectorEdit

STOP the adminsEdit

Current health of Wikipedia editing communityEdit

Taking the Common(s) RouteEdit

A "New articles" Vote System...Edit

Auto linkage of article to other languagesEdit

Collective SharingEdit

Add a language option with a Matriarchal Touch to itEdit


33% reservation to women Wikipedia adminsEdit

Legacy DataEdit

An Animated Invitation to Latin American Indigenous CommunitiesEdit

Avoid politicisation,idolisation and ideologisationEdit

Administrating the adminstratorsEdit

Commons and backlog buster speed upgradesEdit

FINDING collaborators is an uphill battle...Edit

Wikimetrics for local usersEdit

Real NamesEdit

Mass Media and Simple PresentationEdit

Grad der Kooperation durch Fragen zählenEdit

DYK PostersEdit

Make Availability PublicEdit

Wikipedia without internetEdit

Wiki Knowledge MenuEdit

Towards a New WikimaniaEdit

Partnership between Wikimedia community and Tor communityEdit

Implement a LETS to encourage users to share content on WikipediaEdit

Reform of citation structure for all Wikimedia projectsEdit

Each One Teach OneEdit

دبِسني ولا تلبِسنيEdit

Wiki RickshawEdit

Wiki Goes GoetheEdit

Tools for using wikidata items as citationsEdit

way of reporting harassment from an adminEdit

Rediscover Knowledge with WikipediaEdit

Bringing Ada Lovelace Day Wikipedia Editathons to Indian university campusesEdit

عدة أفكار هامةEdit

More News Articles - Social Media LInksEdit

Awareness video for Bengali WikisourceEdit

Youtube Howto's based on Wikipedia ArticlesEdit


Women Who WikiEdit

Yes, I Use WikipediaEdit

Youtube channelEdit

wod highlighterEdit

Youtube shoutoutEdit

Your ChoiceEdit

Wikipedia in a boxEdit


Wikipedia School HomeworksEdit

wikipedia Game on every mobileEdit

Wikipedia Reader ButtonEdit

Wikipedia India ChapterEdit


Wikipedia on Amazon KindleEdit

Wikiship: Partnership CollaborationEdit


Wikipedia Outreach (Botswana)Edit

Wikipedia in SchoolsEdit

Wikipedia para ler off-lineEdit

Wikipedia text bookEdit

Wikipedia with Reference ManagerEdit


Wikipedia for KidsEdit

Wikipedia for IndiaEdit


Wikipédia além de um siteEdit

Wikipedia association with Technex as Information PartnerEdit

Wikipedia for all studentsEdit

Wiki the Government run schools in IndiaEdit

Wikipedia for My CountryEdit

Wikipedia for the people from the peopleEdit

Wikipedia Awareness for Indian netizensEdit

Wikipedia a los colegiosEdit

Wikipedia Entrepreneur's hangout.Edit



wiki sab jaanta hai.Edit

wikipedia debia ser una campaña mundial donde se invitara al usuario a romper la barrera de la informacion que se nos limitaEdit

Wiki in Regional language...Edit

wiki redesEdit


Wiki for kidsEdit

Wiki GameEdit



Wiki ReaderEdit

Wiki IndiaEdit

wiki botEdit

Wiki activity in schoolsEdit

Voice Stimulation on site like on a social site or google voice on their mother tongueEdit

we must learn englishEdit

Travel foundingEdit

Wallet-time ...Edit

tornar o artigo confiavel com selo de verificaçãoEdit

view of nepal in net surffingEdit