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Logout tool
A tool designed to either improve on or supersede the log out button so as to log out of all signed in devices
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Last month the English Wikipedia suffered a cyber attack with the apparent aim of locating and cracking weak password accounts. This spurred calls for stronger passwords and two-factor authentication, but overlooked a key part of account security: logging out.

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I would like to see a tool developed that would allow users to check and see if their Wiki-accounts are signed in on any other devices, and to unilateral sign out from any signed in devices in order to prevent someone from re-accessing or otherwise hijacking Wikipedia accounts for malevolent purposes.

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Increased security for Wiki-account holders by ensuring that all electronic devices that currently read as being logged into an account can be simultaneously logged out of the account regardless of the device's location. In this way users who, say, log into a computer at the public library or a friends house and forget to log off can retroactively logout of those devices from their home computers or mobile devices before someone with malevolent intention commandeers the accounts and either uses them in a way that results in a block or outright hijacks them by changing the password for the account in question.

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