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Promote new articles in relation to women in many different ways, women will be interested in them
This idea is very related with the idea of Inclusionism of new articles new articles related to women, and oppose to Deletionism of these articles. An automatic category should give more chances to survive to gender related articles. Giving more chances to a new user to learn to edit in wikipedia
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created on04:51, 12 March 2015 (UTC)

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Actually I'm trying to solve two and maybe three problems, first the disillusion of a new user (male or female) when their article is deleted very sooner, and many times because easy solved reasons like missing sources, format, and language not neutral. This can create resentment and estrangement of the project or create a vandal vandalizing because these resentment. And experimented user can help and teach with the example the neutral language, how give sources, and format. If a small new article related to female gender is give a moderate time to improve. The new user will be happy, will learn how to edit properly with time, and probably will be a reduction in vandalism related to resentment for a lost article or constant warnings. And finally this new user could be Men or Women and we will keep them, also if is editing about women there are more chances to be female.

What is your solution? edit

The solution is very easy, and automated indexation in a female gender category in new articles [How?... by giving to the new user the chance to click a bottom before saving the page, asking if the article is female gender related], then patrolled by more friendly patrollers with an Inclusionist view, that will give a moderate time to the article to improve, and be categorize in other sub categories [example:autobiographies, feminism, women in science etc.] so a team or even a community page will promote improves those new articles. Then new user (male or female) will consider and stay in the project and grow, instead to try a few times and give up.

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