A social enterprise-cafe, which would employ disadvantaged Wikipedia editors to guide customers through making their first micro-edits on the spot :-)
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created on09:34, 27 August 2018 (UTC)

Project idea Edit

What is the problem you're trying to solve? Edit

After the success of Wikitherapy, we were looking for ways to bring the vulnerable target group with the new skills they had acquired into contact with local society. Collaboration had been established with local professionals to monitor their transition to the working force, and a group of supporters was informed of our intentions. The discussions were cut short when we realized that the local authorities were not willing to invest in such an endeavour, as there is "nothing in it for them".

What is your solution? Edit

Develop the concept of a Wiki-cafe: how editing the Wikimedia projects and adding content on topics of local interest can help the public image of a location. The Wikitherapy trainees assume the role of trainers, in a setting that would enable locals and visitors to view the content they have produced and get involved by making their very first edits on the spot!

Project goals Edit

  • Wikimedia outreach to a totally new, diverse and untapped audience
  • Inclusion of disadvantaged individuals who have attended Wikitherapy, in a role that adds value to their presence in society
  • Serve as a pilot, to encourage other Wikimedia communities to do the same: the Wikitherapy pilot has already "traveled" to Argentina, with interest expressed by three other countries (as of August 2018). Wiki-cafe can be the next step!

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