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Rated Ticket System with optional Achievements for the Gamification Freaks
Ticket system (comparable to Jira) + "peer review", aka users are rating tickets in their own field of expertise on a scale from 0 to 10 how important they are + Gamification (Achievements for certain milestones) = new number: Number of solved tickets with certain importance = Quality
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Project idea


What Wikimedia project(s) and specific areas will you be evaluating?


Is this project measuring a specific space on a project (e.g. deletion discussions), or the project as a whole?,

Describe your idea. How might it be implemented?


Provide details about the method or process of how you will evaluate your community or collect data. Does your idea involve private or personally identifying information? Take a look at the Privacy Policy for Wikimedia’s guidelines in this area.
step 1: We need a ticket system. The ticket system will allow to organize the tasks that need to be done. The system needs integration into the wiki software, so that if people "spot" problems, they can just click: create ticket.

step 2: We need voting on the tickets: How *important* is something on a scale from 0 to 10. See 80/20 rule. Users have to specify a field of expertise (e.g. physics for myself) and based upon that, they will be brought into contact with tickets and they have to vote on the perceived importance (subjective)

step 3 (optional): Add some gamification, providing incentive for users to *do* something. E.g. achievements like in steam/gog gaming.

step 4: The desired quantity, the Quality (and quality improvement) of the wikipedia content and user experience, will initially be: Any combination of two of the following: Number of of the open tickets as function of importance_rating

  • #tickets_open(importance_rating
  • #tickets_solved(importance_rating)
  • Above values as function of time time and the first time derivative.

For user experience, we quantify: Number of votings and tickets are solved over time by how many users etc. Additionaly: For gamification users, we can measure the user "level" / number of achievements. whatever. If the gamification will create problems (account selling) we can do a "ladder" mode with fixed ladder resets every x months (see Diablo 2 by Blizzard Entertainment) Proper Data Analysts will be full of ideas how to do this properly.

All technologies for this are principally existing. The combination is needed. For wikipedia it would be better to have a low level connection to a ticketing system. I'm not sure how easily Jira can be combined with wikipedia. Probably Jira is too large on it's own. I think the mai work for this idea is: Have a good integration of ticket system into the wikipedia.

Are there experienced Wikimedians who can help implement this project?


If applicable, please list groups or usernames of individuals who you can work with on this project, and what kind of work they will do.
Quality of content and quality of user experience

How will you know if this project is successful? What are some outcomes that you can share after the project is completed?


Numbers on quality of the content and of user experience is based on interpretation of the before mentioned data.

E.g. I would interpret: If there are a lot of tickets with high importance rating, then it is likely that quality is not as good as it can be.

If the mean number of ticket importance drops with time (*absolute scale* necessary, e.g. 0 = NOT important, 10 = VERY VERY CRITICALLY imnportant, 5 = it would be good to fix this, but we can live with it for the next time) ... so if the mean importance drops with time, I would interpret: We are progressing on quality.

How would your measurement idea help your community make better decisions?


After you are finished measuring or evaluating your Wikimedia project, how do you expect that information to be used to benefit the project?

  • 1 - With a ticket system that is running: Sort by importance_rating weighted by number of votings. This helps the community to directly see: What is important work that should be done.
  • 2 - if creating and voting for tickets is made very easy (i.e. very very fast), then A LOT of users will create tickets. Sorting out good tickets from bad tickets can be done en-masse easily with statistics. Identifying bot accounts, hopefully too.

Do you think you can implement this idea? What support do you need?


Do you need people with specific skills to complete this idea? Are there any financial needs for this project? If you can’t implement this project, can you scale down your project so it is doable?
Alone it will be impossible for me to create this.

With a team of 6 people in total (I want to avoid 5, in order to always be able to work in teams of two), this should be manageable in a reasonable amount of time.

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About the idea creator


I'm a PhD student in Physics, currently working in experimental solid states physics




  • Mild Opposition Although the idea is well-conceived and well-explained, not everyone in life is a hard-core gamer. Turning Wikipedia into a "gamified" system limits it from expanding into alternative models. Moreover, limiting editors to specific areas of expertise further boxes them into "roles" instead of encouraging growth and education. If this model can avoid these issues, there is merit here. Ouranista (talk) 16:09, 1 August 2018 (UTC)

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