Mompati Dikunwane (a.k.a Bera)
Mompati Dikunwane attending the Bill and Melinda gates Graduation ceremony
Mompati Dikunwane (a.k.a Bera)
Wikipedia editor, Wikimedia
We need information and education more than ever. That's my commitment.

About me

Hey,i am the President (Co-Founder) for Wikimedia Community user group Botswana. I volunteer for the Wikimedia movement as an editor (from Africa, precisely Botswana) working on Commons, English Wikipedia, Tswana Wikipedia & learning other Wikimedia projects. As part of my core activities.

My work

It's with tremendous pleasure and love to work on open source projects such as commons and other Wikimedia projects that power free knowledge. Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing. I co-Founded the Wikimedia Community user group Botswana which is an independent Wikimedia User group which is Officially Recognised by WMF to serve volunteers of the republic of Botswana. This Volunteer group seeks to promote the use of Wikimedia and its sister projects by the residents of Botswana, and to also help in creating awareness on how the everyday Botswana can contribute to the pool of free knowledge, which is Wikimedia; most especially in the translation efforts into the major local languages (Setswana).

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