Volunteer Developer, GCI-18 Mentor, Wikimedia foundation
“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

About me

I am Gopa Vasanth, a Sophomore in Computer Science and Engineering from Amrita University, India. I am an active member of the Open Source student club of my University FOSS@Amrita. I contribute to Free and Open Source software projects and have been actively contributing MediaWiki for the past 70 Weeks.

I'm interested in Contributing to MediaWiki Extensions and I'm an active contributor of RevisionSlider.

My journey with MediaWiki is quite Interesting, I made the blog post on "My journey with MediaWiki" and "Installing MediaWiki in Linux", I am very inspired contributing to MediaWiki.

My Work & Hobbies

I have worked on the wiki skins and wiki extension RevisionSlider and few other extensions

I frequently take part in problem-solving, I have completed CS50 till week-4 and also solved around few questions in codeforces[0] as well as Hackerrank[1].



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