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Core charts
A core set of economic & demographic charts for every country of the world (multilingual)
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created on12:04, 1 March 2017 (UTC)

Project ideaEdit

What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

Charts are one on of the most frequently used types of media from Wikimedia Commons. They are probably used in every of the 295 languages, which have a Wikipedia. But small Wikipedias often lack the resources to localize the charts and use the English version. Also there is no regular updating process for charts in the moment. We rely mostly on individual Wikimedians, which invest much manual work to keep "their" charts up-to-date.

This project's goal is to define a core set of ~1000 charts, which should be available for every country of the world and should be translated in as many languages as possible.

For encyclopedic articles, a core set of articles was already defined in 2004 (Vital articles). In 2006 the 1.0 version of the list of articles every Wikipedia should have was concluded.

We already have hundreds of thousands of charts, but we lack completeness and we lack at least yearly updates for the most important charts.

What is your solution?Edit

Usually for projects like this a WikiProject get's founded, but normally they fall into disrepair after a few years. The solution here is to fund a coordinator, which creates all missing charts, does the switch translations and creates an automated solution for the yearly updates (something like a bot). The list of charts should be selected collaboratively.

Project goalsEdit

TIB has prepared a table of core charts, you can see there, which level of completeness we've already reached. I would like to use this as starting point and focus on economic & demographic trends for every country and production trends of the most important commodities.

Demography charts:

Category Example chart wikigraphist on this topic
Population pyramid   Delphi234
Spatial population graph  

The population pyramids are already translated in 20 languages by using the SVG <switch> element:


Economy charts:

Category Example chart wikigraphist on this topic
Gas balance   Raminagrobis
Coal balance  
Oil balance  

Example metal production trend:

Example agricultural production trend:
  (vectorize me!)

Example exchange rate:

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