Grants:IdeaLab/Check how many edits done by users are deleted and how many old users are "guarding" articles from any change, or deleting new stuff added by unlogged users

Check how many edits done by users are deleted and how many old users are "guarding" articles from any change, or deleting new stuff added by unlogged users
Wikipedia should study the fact that nearly EVERY edit done by IP is reverted. Those who have accounts (especially for a long time) wrongly believe that they own wikipedia - and they push out every other contributor, because they simply delete every edit. They often give ridiculous excuses to delete things (for examples: if they dont like the source, they delete the edit). If they are so interested in sources for stubs, maybe they should go and delete poorly sourced articles? Another problem is that if one even manages to edit an article, then you have to "guard" it forever, because your changes will be reverted in a week or two by people whose activity is just deleting stuff. Many of them even BOAST about how many items they deleted from the site: changes (often thousands) or articles (hundreds). This means that hundreds of people who tried to contribute were burned - and their contributions, discarded. This is very discouraging to try to do anything in this "community" - which in fact seems to be more of a clique of old timers, who seem to try to everything possible, to push away new people. After all, the old timers are "proven", while in reality they did hundreds of reverts, or small changes - and most of true wikipedia was written by IPs.

Another problem is lackluster admins, who always punish the IP with a ban, but never the contributor with an account. Maybe someone could study it and see the results? Search for a case where an IP has reverted something 3 times and registered user revert that 3 times. IP user was probably banned, but registered user - not. Someone with programming knowledge should make a query and see how often this happend - and how often the registered users were unpunished for bullying others.

In fact I wonder how many times my idea will be reverted and if I will also have to "guard" this comment.

In fact some sort of a really improved tribunal should be made, who would simply remove rights to revert changes.
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The fact that new users are bullied by old users, who think that they have the "right" to delete everything on wikipedia

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First of all the practice needs to be evaluated - to see how often it happens. In my opinion - all the time. Once this is evaluated, and maybe wikipedia foundation staff understands it, maybe some real countermeasures can be introduced.,

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A "good" admin would have to monitor activities of other wikipedia admins and probably ban a good 30-50% of them, so this will never happen, since wikipedia can never change and it is an awful clique.

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Very simple, add a small contribution via an unregistered account (IP address) and see that it was not deleted in a week, or so.

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Good part of the community are incredibly toxic people, who put "new user" template in every IP user address space. You can check how many of them do it more than once - and monitor them, in order to ban the worst offenders, who use pseudo wikipedia rules - while reverting all the changes and bullying others.

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I am not a programmer, but since the fish rots from the head, it would be pretty easy to review the actions of the admin staff. Because noone ever reviews their actions and effectively they can never be removed. Someone should start watching them - to give a message, that they do not own wikipedia, just because they deleted hundreds of thousands of edits.

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every time I try to contribute to wikipedia someone deletes it, then I need to spend few months "fighting" to get my article. I wrote around 10 wikipedia articles (mostly about musical bands) in nearly every case I had to spend much more time fighting people who kept deleting them, instead of being able to focus on actually improving the article

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