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Hello,i'm an italian guy and i have an idea about people and wikipedia,to connect very quickly this 2 things and maybe that is an idea(is all a concept-idea,i don't understand so muche here between all this command text and scripts):

-Let's wiki!!! Imagine to find a Wiki-page On the station of Firenze s.m.n about this last,or a wiki-page of Tour Eiffel that talk about the tower!and imagine,during the years,a Wiki-page on all those thing that Wikipedia Have on his abridgement"!wik it all!"

Wikipedia can also be a type of emploreer for many people especially youngs, because install new wikipoint and upgrade it means work and thank workers !!

if my idea is intresting someone please contact me on my email and let's talk easy and preferably in italy(so i can express as simple as i can my idea or a project for than)i'd like to work with thos type of project and i don't want money not necessarily or profit,i only dream to see this idea born as real !!!

Gjergji Mario

please add a summary in 20 words or less
created on: 12:42, 18 March 2014

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This project idea don't talk about problems but try to fight many limits of the wiki-movement in a different vision resolving.

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