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facilitate some actions on Commons for wikiArS participants
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Facilitate (automatize, guide, ... ¿?) action of wikiArSers in Commons
created on: 07:01, 8 August 2013

Project idea edit

To facilitate to wikiArs participants (students, teachers, wikimedian tutors) some actions in Commons like:

  • Uploading images and fill the correct contents (categories, templates, ...) > for students
  • Creating Commons Partnerships pages for every school, and associate categories > for teacher and/or wikimedian tutor
  • Update School Commons Partnership pages > for teacher and/or wikimedian tutor

Notes from IdeaLab, 8 august 2013:

  • We can combine the customization of UploadWizard using upload campaigns and a GuidedTour to guide students on uploading contributions and also in creating their user pages, and other useful actions.
    • For that we will need permissions to put javascript in MediaWiki namespace in Commons
    • Translation could be a challenge. It's preferred not to need a Guide for every language.
  • We can use mw:Extension:InputBox to have a button to create the Commons Partnership pages
    • Then, how to create associate pages and categories? Another buttons? With a parserFunction conditional #ifexist?
    • How to deal with different languages? Using Translate extension and including tags in the preload page? Or having a button for every language?
  • We can use GuidedTour to guide wikimedian tutor to create school pages.
  • What to use for updating these pages? A bot? (finally :-)

Project goals edit

  • More easy for newbies, less repetitive for tutors: to guide students in witch actions have them to do in Commons
  • More easy for wikiArS promoters. Easy and quick ways to do usual tasks on Commons.

Get involved edit

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