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Add a stereo viewer to the Wikipedia apps
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Wikimedia Commons has lots of stereo images. Stereo view adapters for smartphones and tablets are becoming widely available. Adding the ability to display stereo pairs on device screens in a format suitable for stereo viewing would be fairly simple and would make our collection far more usable.
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created on16:03, 5 October 2016 (UTC)

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We have many stereo images in Commons; see Commons:Category:Stereo images. Many are in old collections going back to the nineteenth century, others are modern. Some people can "free fuse" them to enjoy the 3-D effect with no extra equipment, but for most the only option I am aware of is to print the images out and put them a stereo viewer.

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Google Cardboard stereo viewer for smart phones

Stereo view adapters for smartphones and tablets are becoming widely available, sometimes simply made of cardboard. I would like to see a option in the Wikipedia apps (or if necessary a new standalone app) that would display a stereo image in a way that is compatible with those adapters. Ideally it should have options for viewing both a single commons file with two images and a pair of commons files that constitute a stereo view. Perhaps an adjustment slider might be provided to get spacing and alignment right. The software showed be able to navigate through a sequence of slides, perhaps from a Commons page or a list as well and also from a Commons category..


Make the Wikimedia Commons stereo collection more usable and as a side effect encourage better curation of existing images and the creation of new stereo images for Commons.

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I am a long time editor of Wikipedia and contributor to Commons.



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