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Promoting Wikivoyage

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grantees: Tammy Bennert


Wikivoyage could benefit from the interest and expertise of local tourism bureaus.

engagement target:

Wikivoyage (English?)

strategic priority:

Improving Quality

total amount requested:

600 USD

2014 round 1

Project idea


What is the problem you're trying to solve?


The scope of Wikivoyage is tremendous. Finding editors who understand the mission and mechanics of Wikivoyage and also have knowledge and interest in a particular location will always be a challenge. Promoting Wikivoyage to local tourism bureaus seems an obvious solution. However, gaining attention from this market will require a different approach and format than typical Expeditions.

What is your solution?


In general the solution is to create and distribute visually enticing materials to aid local bureaus in meeting the objectives of their community. In practice, several steps are needed. Encouraging editing will not be successful without a support structure to nurture the new editors. Likewise having a great support structure will not yield many new editors. Below are the separate areas that should be addressed.

  • Create a promotional powerpoint specifically for tourism bureaus
    • What is Wikivoyage and why they care
    • Where to go for questions and support (Facebook and Expedition)
  • Partner with US and State Chambers of Commerce to have several 30 minute live webcasts for their members
    • Have recorded webcast available for viewing at any time
  • Create several brief video tutorials on how to edit – both mechanics and content
    • Have available on Expedition page and possibly State chamber websites
  • Offer 2nd level live webcasts for groups starting to edit
  • Create a simple welcoming template with helpful and friendly links. Focus on the needs of the audience first, Wikivoyage second.
  • Update current Expedition page with any new resources
    • Have simple place to ask questions, get support
    • Use sections, pictures, etc. to make pages easier to read
  • Create materials local bureaus can use to show the benefit of editing Wikivoyage to their community

Project goals


The main goal is to create an effective, sustainable and reproducible marketing plan focused on tourism bureaus.

Project will lead to more information and more accurate information on locations, especially smaller less traveled to places. Creating a successful relationship with the US Chamber of Commerce may lead to other associations that would be beneficial to the project, such as the US National Park Service.

While this project is focused on the US, materials will be made as generic as possible for use in other countries.

Project plan





  • Promotional powerpoint focused on what Wikivoyage is and why it benefits Chamber of Commerce members
    • Recorded version available on several websites
    • Short video created from powerpoint explaining Wikivoyage which can be used for any audience
  • How to videos specifically for Wikivoyage
  • Create inexpensive, easy to reproduce brochures, cards for local offices to use in community
  • Increase traffic to website

Measurement will be from direct contacts on the Expedition or Facebook page.



Total amount requested



Budget breakdown

  • Design and create all materials: $500
  • 2 months gotomeeting (if needed): $100

Intended impact


Target audience


Wikivoyage users will be better served by the increase of information and the increased accuracy of information.

Community engagement


I am hoping to use the already existing Expedition page to organize information. Links to presentations will be given on the Pub for input prior to the webcasts. How to videos will also be linked on the Pub for feedback.

Fit with strategy


The priorities impacted are increased participation and improved quality. The potential exists to reach nearly every community in the US and many people who are not familiar with the aims of Wikimedia. Many tourist bureaus are not even aware of Wikivoyage and are not looking at the entry for their town or area. Even without editing themselves, these local eyes and ears can alert an editor of incorrect information.



The initial project is to create a relationship with the US and State Chambers of Commerce. The materials created will all be available to use and edit. Additionally I hope the relationship will continue, with small webcasts or articles every 6 months or so. With the infrastructure in place, it should be possible to recreate in other English speaking countries.

Measures of success


Need target-setting tips? Success will be measured in two ways. First is increased participation from local tourism offices. Second will be in growth of content.

  • Establish dialog with at least 50 contacts. Can be verified by CCing all emails or logging GoToMeeting sessions.
  • Have at least 5 contacts produce content on Wikivoyage, with at least 2 having more than 5 commits or more than 1kilobyte of added text. Verified by establishing username identity in above-mentioned email conversations.
  • 10 redlinked locations expanded to outline or better status by contacts
  • 20 stub or outline locations expanded to usable articles



Tammy Bennert: experience in organizing and executing large initiatives, have worked with many local chamber of commerce groups as a business consultant, ability to design and create all proposed materials



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