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Medi-Graphics is a project aimed at creating graphics relevant to articles related to medicine and healthcare.
created on: 16:12, 19 July 2013

Project idea edit

Medi-Graphics aims at creating flowcharts, maps and diagrams relevant for articles related to medicine and healthcare on Wikipedia. The standard treatment protocols of diseases could be condensed into algorithms, the symptoms and signs of various diseases could be illustrated on the image of human body and epidemiological data may be superimposed on maps. Open source softwares like Inkscape could be used for this purpose. Under this project, medical students and healthcare professionals who are Wikipedia editors bring forth ideas, collaborate with designers, and jointly create factually correct and high-quality graphics. These images are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and used on relevant articles related to medicine and healthcare. The text on the graphics may be translated to several languages with the assistance from volunteers, and used on several language Wikipedias.

Project goals edit

  • Improve the quality of articles coming under WP:Medicine by adding useful diagrams into them. Various types of diagrams include:
    • Superimposition of the epidemiological data onto the world/regional map(s) (example)
    • Creation of flowcharts explaining treatment algorithms and progression of diseases (example)
    • Diagrammatic representation of various anatomical structures of human body with labels (example)
    • Superimposition of the symptoms and signs of diseases on the image of human body (example)

Project plan edit

  1. Identify interested individuals from diverse communities who can act as mentors, advisers, designers and translators.
  • Mentors : Wikimedians interested in medicine and allied subjects who are willing to create ideas for preparing graphics.
  • Designers : Participants who can convert the idea into design by acting according to the ideas suggested by the mentors.
  • Advisers : Participants with in-depth knowledge in medicine and allied subjects who can review the graphics, point out errors and suggest changes to the mentors and designers.
  • Translators : Wikimedians who can translate the text in the graphics into several languages and incorporate the images into the respective Wikipedias.
  1. Mentors start looking for articles under WP: Medicine and choose potential articles that lack graphics and high-quality images
  2. Mentors discuss among themselves and create ideas for graphics that can be included on various articles
  3. Mentors collaborate with the designers to create the graphics
  4. Advisors review the graphics and suggest changes. Those free of errors are approved by the advisers.
  5. The approved images are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
  6. Translators translate the text in the graphic to different languages.
  7. Designers create copies of the same image in different languages.
  8. All images are categorized and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Open questions edit

Get involved edit

Welcome, brainstormers! Your feedback on this idea is welcome. Please click the "discussion" link at the top of the page to start the conversation and share your thoughts.

Notes from IdeaLab August 8th edit

  • The project conception match well with wikiArS methodology
    • Designers could be the art and design students, with the help of their teachers. Might be online and/or offline Mentors depending in the kind of collaboration. And Advisors will act as supervisors of the students works.
    • We can define a assignment template to ask for images
    • Will be useful to have some different examples of assignments (human body, map, diagrams and flow-charts, ...) to seek for schools to participate. 4 or 5 examples could be good.

Partially   Done: Now outreach:WikiArS/assignments is available to create assignments and to indicate who can do the expert supervision. --Dvdgmz (talk) 07:19, 4 October 2013 (UTC)

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