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Community building body of knowledge
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Create a knowledge base on how to create Wikimedia communities (especially offline ones)
created on: 11:35, 20 August 2013

Project ideaEdit

We have successful offline communities that have grown naturally and we have places in the world where single volunteers or pairs of people are struggling to create enthusiasm around the idea of supporting Wikimedia projects. Unfortunately, at this point we lack the expertise to provide them useful guidance on how to go from a lone person to a community.

There is a great deal of existing literature and experience out there in the non-Wikimedia world on community building in various contexts (e.g. Jono Bacon's Art of Community, and many others), but we have no easy to read guide for Wikimedians. The idea is to review existing knowledge, get the stories of Wikimedians who have been successful in creating communities and distill a guide that is applicable in the Wikimedia context to help more and more Wikimedia communities to develop around the world.

Project goalsEdit

With better guides and expertise on community building, we will be able to provide more useful help to people wanting to set up user groups, chapters and thorgs around the world conducting offline activities that support the Wikimedia projects.

Get involvedEdit

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