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学習パターンをもう少し詳しく説明します。(1)何かをする方法をアドバイスするガイドライン、(2)タイトルが明確でフォーマットが一貫したテンプレート、この2つを使うと学習パターンを蓄積した収蔵庫から、必要な情報をすばやく見つけることができるのです。これまでにウィキメディア運動に関わった経験があるなら、おそらくこういう運動で何が役立ち何が役立たないか、貴重なヒントや裏技、アドバイスまたは注意事項を学んだのではありませんか。 プロジェクトとしての学習パターンの詳細は、ウィキメディアのブログのこちら(英文)に掲載してあります。


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{{Evaluation/Resource/Summary | time= 30 January 2019 | title = How to manage a Wikipedia awareness Video | title link= Learning patterns/How to manage a Wikipedia awareness Video | summary= This learning pattern gives pointers for do's and don'ts for Animation or 3D Motion graphics video ad or promotional movie. | creator= User:Wikilover90 | image = [[File:Punjabi Wikipedia Tales - A Trip To Lahore!.webm }}

Wikipedia faces the challenge of approaching properly the gender gap issue in terms of its content.

最終更新: 19 October 2018

For teachers, a Wikipedia writing assignment is much more work than other writing assignments. They have to double check the content of the article, grammar, spelling and the validity of the sources.

最終更新: 02 December 2017

最終更新: 13 November 2017

{{Evaluation/Resource/Summary | time= 21 June 2017 | title = Community check-up: when online and offline communication becomes effective | title link= Learning patterns/Community check-up: when online and offline communication becomes effective | summary= For a project as diffused as the [[:wmph:Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping | creator= User:Sky Harbor | image = File:WMPH Cultural heritage mapping project logo 1.png }}

New editors are discouraged by old users' interventions and (secondary) cannot organize their work with ease. Less computer-literated people have a hard time trying to contribute.

最終更新: 20 June 2017

How to teach primary students how to position their own pictures to improve Wikipedia articles.

最終更新: 20 June 2017