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How to do photowalks more effectively
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created on1 August, 2017

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<This to help Wikipedia Photowalks to be more effective and lead to better quality images>

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<My recommendations are as follows –

1. The walk needs to be planned better, with regards to light. We need to come up with a route, and then consider when the light will be ideal for each monument. I have several apps on my phone for this, and I would be more than happy to help.

2. The walk structure needs to be changed. Now, we simply walk from point to point taking photos. What we should be doing is planning which monuments we can do in the morning. Then breaking for lunch and coming back for other monuments which have better light in the afternoon.

3. Breaking up into teams where each team will focus on one particular aspect. This will avoid repeats. For example, someone with a good ultrawide lens can concentrate purely on wide angle shots, which would capture entire monuments in one shot. Someone with a telephoto lens will do only close up details. This, in my opinion, will add to the variety of the images, instead of merely the number.

4. A basic processing workshop for those who will be shooting raw. Again, I am willing to share my experience with processing. I was looking at the images uploaded and several of them have horrendous vignettes, which have either been added to get an artsy look, or should have been removed.

5. The Wikipedia Spirit – it is very important that all participants understand this, and form the looks of it, many still don’t. We are shooting for an encyclopedia, which means our photos are of the documentation nature. Thus some basics, keeping lines straight etc, are extremely critical. Loads of crooked images are still being uploaded. Wikipedia photos have a basic tone, whoever is shooting, needs to keep that in mind. It’s like shooting for a client. The client has certain needs, which need to be met. >

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<Wikipedia Takes Kolkata>

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