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Watchlist invites
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problemYou are running an event and you want to invite Wikimedians.
solutionWatchlist invites, some but possibly not all wikis have enabled geographically targetted watchlist messages. This lets you put a one line invitation on the watchlist page of people in a geographic area.
created on21 October, 2013

What problem does this solve?Edit

Events need attendees, even if you have a group of newbies signed up you also need experienced editors. Many wikipedians will say on their userpage where they live, and you can find in europethey live.

What is the solution?Edit

  • This type of notice can be requested on the English-language Wikipedia via Wikipedia:Geonotice.
  • Watchlist invites are seen by those active wikipedians in your target area who use watchlists.

General considerationsEdit

  • Use the right language. If you are going to invite people to an event make sure you have someone at the event who can speak their language.
  • This is an invitation not a summons, make the message positive not negative.


  • A regular wiki meetup.
  • A meeting of a Wikimedia chapter's members[1]


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