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How to measure from a gender perspective
problemWikipedia faces the challenge of including more women editors . This situation involves creating spaces in our programs for women to be part of them. The evaluation through gender perspective is essential .
solutionAdd new metrics when evaluating your programs.

What problem does this solve?


Wikipedia face the problem of having to improve the number of women editors . Currently only between 8-10% are women editors in Wikipedia and in terms of content, the encyclopedia has a clear gender bias . Mainstreaming the gender perspective in our programs, from their implementation to the evaluation, it's necessary to generate more inclusive spaces for women in the Wikimedia projects.

What is the solution?


To find out whether our programs are inclusive and they present a clear gender perspective we can apply the following metrics when evaluate them:

Metric Definition
Number of girls participating Total number of girls participating
Number of female educators Total number of female teachers who implement projects in the classroom
Number of female ambassadors Number of women who are autonomous promoters of Wikimedia projects
Number of women who follow activities to the end Number of women starting activities proposed and following them to the ends
Number of female volunteers Number of women who take part in our activities as new volunteers
Retention of female editors Number of women who begin editing and remain active editors
Number of press releases on the subject of gender Total number of notes on the subject of gender appearing in the press
Number of articles improved through quality and gender indicators Total number of articles improved to meet the quality and gender-sensitivity
Female speakers (%) Total number of women who participate in congresses as speakers
% of women assuming responsibility in the development of activities Number of activities carried out by women
They take part in the calls for initiatives at community level Numbers of proposals carried out by women at community level.

What do we mean by quality in terms of gender? In Wikimedia Argentina we follow these rules to evaluate new articles from a gender perspective: How to create or edit an article in terms of gender approach

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