Learning patterns/Facilitate the preparation of an FDC report

Facilitate the preparation of an FDC report
problemYou do not want to lose your time in formatting the table and copy/pasting section that come from the proposal or a previous report
solutionLearn to play with the tab of your browser, the url and some tools
created on28 March, 2014
status:in progress

What problem does this solve? edit

Preparing a FDC report always present two recurrent problems:

  • Filing the tables
  • when you have to do repeated copy/paste from FDC proposal or Quarterly report to another Quaterly report or the impact report, you have to change several time between edit view and display view of the pages, it's annoying and several time the pasting is not efficient and need to reformat the text.

What is the solution? edit


Not all the chapters have a good accounting system, or even with a good one the people in charge of completing the FDC page end with a Google Doc or Excel sheet. There are tools used during WikiLovesMonuments that allow you to transform a CSV file (a simple text-like format that you can obtained from Excel) into a series of template, exactly how the FDC table are organize.

The easiest way to do is:

  • prepare you sheet by copy-pasting the table from the report page, not from the edit page. Adjust the column names (in the 1st row) to match exactly the typo of the template parameter.
  • fill the sheet with you figures.
  • copy your sheet when completed (only the column and rows with data) in the edit box (CSV data) on these pages:
  • choose "Separator Character:" equal to TAB (if you copy-paste directly from a rectangular selection in an spreadsheet), or the appropriate separators (when copy-pasting the text content of CSV files exported from the sheet; according to the CSV format options);
  • put the name of the template used to format rows in the dedicated box (with the second tool);
  • and click the button.
Facilitating copy-pasting

When you have to do repeated copy paste from FDC proposal or Quarterly report take care that:

  • All your sections are actually sections (exemple)
  • All you sections are in the same order
  • Open in a first tab of your browser the report to edit
  • Open in a second tab the report to copy (for the impact report you can open the proposal and the three quaterly report)
  • Enter in edit mode the section you want to edit and only this section in all tabs
  • Navigate to the tab to copy with the shortcuts:
    • PC: Ctrl+Tab for the next tab, Ctrl+ Shift+Tab for the previous tab (with Internet Explorer and Firefox)
    • PC: Ctrl+ PageDown for the next tab, Ctrl+ PageUp for the previous tab (with Chrome)
    • Mac: Alt+ Cmd+ for the next tab, Alt+ Cmd+ for the previous tab (with Chrome)
  • Copy the text needed
  • Go back to the current report and paste
  • Repeat as much as needed
  • Save the current report and open in edit mode the next section
  • For the other tab just change directly the last parameter in the url "edit&section=xx" by incrementing the number by one, it will just open in edit mode the next section

General considerations edit

  • Think to activate WikEd in your gadget , it help a lot to see the template in edit mode

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