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Track project hours in Google Calendar
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problemHow can we use Google Calendar to track of how many hours we have spent on a project?
solutionUse keywords, tags, colors, and shared calendars.
created on07:41, 9 May 2016 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?Edit

How can we use Google Calendar to track of how many hours we have spent on a project?

What is the solution?Edit

  • We can use keywords like LearnWiki, or tags like #MyProjectName or #Project-2015-01, so that we can easily find all of the time that we marked on our calendars for the project.
  • We can use colors on our calendars to make it easier to identify project time by color.
  • We can create custom shared calendars for projects that we share with other people on our project team.

Things to considerEdit

  • There are other kinds of calendar software available, such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • Time management for projects becomes increasingly complex under circumstances such as:
  • More people become involved
  • New milestones are added
  • Multiple budgets are be billed for the same project
  • People using different kinds of calendaring or project management software are collaborating on the same project.
  • If custom calendars are created, then people need to know how to manage multiple calendars and check them regularly.
  • It is possible to overlay multiple calendars.

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