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Outreach for participants without laptops
problemDoing Wikimedia Outreach for participants without own laptops has its challenges. In fact it may be worth evaluating audiences prior to organizing sessions.
solutionIt is best to ensure that participants have their own laptops. These participants tend to have a far greater involvement than those who do not own laptops. When working in spaces where there are shared laptops, make sure that proxy settings, access issues etc are verified in advance.
created on07:22, 24 November 2023 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? edit

Use this set of suggestions when dealing with students who are using a classroom with a setup of computers already in place. Note that these need to be verified before sessions for faults in proxies, connectivity, browser settings, restrictions made on the computers, blocking by Wikimedia Servers etc.

What is the solution? edit

  1. Check if participants own laptops? Lower your expectations for classes done where participants do not own their own laptops. It means they cannot give time outside the session times.
  2. Check if they can use their own mobile internet hotspots?
  3. If using a computer classroom - check every system for proxy settings, browser issues (settle for one uniform option such as Firefox)
  4. Check Wikipedia connectivity, filters for proxies, blocking etc.

Things to consider edit

Laptop ownership in the audience.

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When conducting outreach or education sessions.

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