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Link to relevant learning patterns in proposals and reports
problemI need to connect proposal and report reviewers to relevant learning patterns.
solutionUse templates to link relevant learning patterns to proposals and reports
creatorJAnstee (WMF)
created on10 February, 2015

What problem does this solve?Edit

If you want to submit a proposal or report that links to relevant Learning Patterns in the library there are two templates you can use to link your proposals and reports to relevant learning patterns.

What is the solution?Edit

By following the instructions here, you can get either of the templates to appear on your grant proposal or grant report page. Using these templates will help everyone to understand how learning patterns are used, especially when people look at where learning patterns are linked using the “What links here” tool. For example, here you can see the links to the “Asking the right questions” learning pattern. Seeing how other people have used and linked patterns may give you ideas about how to use patterns in your own proposal or report.

To place Learning Patterns templates on a grant report or grant request:Edit

1. Choose your template, Template:Learning Patterns grant proposal template or Template:Learning Patterns grant reporting template

2. In the location where you want the template to appear, use curly brackets and the substitution command like this: {{subst:Template:Learning Patterns grant proposal template}} or {{subst:Template:Learning Patterns grant reporting template}}

3. Save the page

4. Edit the content of the page again. You can now edit the template content that has been placed on the page.

Things to considerEdit

Using a dynamic page list to include all patterns in a specific category should you need to refer to more than just a select few.

When to useEdit

In any proposal or report needing learning pattern documentation to help support it.

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