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Recombine tiled images
Leiden map Sluyter.jpg
problemImage banks sometimes tile large images to safe on server load. In order to get the full resolution image on Wikimedia Commons, these tiles need to be recombined
solutionUse Dezoomify, Dememorixer or similar tools
created on09:36, 3 April 2016 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?Edit

Image bank of cultural heritage institutes sometimes try to reduce server load when they serve up high resolution images by tiling them. When a visitor to their site wants to zoom in, only the tiles of the part that is zoomed in to is loaded. If these are works that are in the public domain, they can be republished on Wikimedia Commons. In order to get the full resolution, these tiles need to be recombined.

What is the solution?Edit

See Help:Zommable images on Wikimedia Commons

Things to considerEdit

Only use for public domain images!

When to useEdit

High resolution map generated with Dememorixer


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  • Dezoomify, most commonly used to for recombining tiled images
  • Dememorixer, for Dutch heritage sites.