Learning patterns/Use hidden categories to track projects

Use hidden categories to track projects
problemIt can be time consuming and even difficult to track the use of photos and other media created through program activities.
solutionHidden categories can be used to group photos and media by program, grant or year.
creatorKHarold (WMF)
created on22 July, 2014

What problem does this solve?


A single grant or program may have several different photography activities, such as workshops, wiki-expeditions and contests which fall under a variety of Commons categories.

What is the solution?

  • Hidden categories can be used on Commons to group files would not normally be categorized together due to the diversity of subjects depicted.
  • You can create a hidden category to group sub-categories that relate to individual programs that you are carrying out as part of a grant or project.
  • This will allow you to quickly locate all work created as part of your project. You can then use the GLAMorous tool to track and report file useage.
  • To hide a category, add the template Template:Hidden_category to the category page. This also places the page in Category:Hidden categories.

General considerations

  • Communities on larger Wikipedias may not be supportive of the use of hidden categories.
  • It is really helpful to include the year that a project was carried out as part of the name of the hidden category.
  • You should share the title of your hidden category in reports, so that WMF and the community can easily see the impact your work has across wiki projects.
  • You may use the hidden category temporarily for photo contedt judging. Grants:PEG/UG_TH/Wiki_Loves_X_in_Thailand_2015/Report#Learning_patterns



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