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Implementing VideoWiki on your Wikipedia
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problemVideoWiki (also known as WikiVideo) (https://videowiki.wmflabs.org/en), aims to make Wikipedia more accessible by adding a visual component (“summary videos”) to Wikipedia. This learning pattern takes you through the process of activating and implements VideoWiki on your language Wikipedia.
solutionIn brief - localising certain templates, creating basic help pages, and informing the VideoWiki team, will complete the process.
created on04:53, 28 October 2020 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?Edit

Screenshot of VideoWiki's summary video on Diarrhea article on English Wikipedia

VideoWiki (also known as WikiVideo) (https://videowiki.wmflabs.org/en), a proposed sister site of Wikipedia, under the Wikimedia Foundation, aims to make Wikipedia more accessible by adding a visual component (“summary videos”) to Wikipedia. VideoWiki is a powerful to bring in a visual-multimedia layer to the content your Wikipedia - it can be great way to engage readers on the site who are not very comfortable reading long text articles. On English Wikipedia, medicine-related articles display a video summary (produced via VideoWiki) below their infobox (please see the screenshot). Such video summaries can be particularly helpful in languages where is not much multimedia content, on crucial topics such as medicine. Example of VideoWiki summary video in a non-English language is - this video on Rani of Jhansi in Odia language. While you learn about creating VideoWiki script and subsequently the video itself on this page, there is a lot more to be done to active and implement VideoWiki for the first time on a Wikipedia. This pattern outlines the steps involved to do so.

What is the solution?Edit

-> If your language HAS a good open-source text to speech engine, then localise Template:Videowiki and its documentation.
-> If your language DOES NOT HAVE a good open-source text to speech engine, then localise Template:VideowikiNonTTS and its documentation.

  • Localising the above mentioned templates
  • Replace all "en" (English language tags) with your respectives language's language code. For example, for Telugu Wikipedia (te.wikipedia.org), the language code becomes "te" - so replace all "en" tags with "te". These replacements have to be done in the following fields - data5, data6, data12, and data13.
  • Translate the text in the fields - header7, label12, label13, data12, and data13, to your language.
  • (optional) Localise the WikiProject template of VideoWiki, Template:WikiProject Videowiki.
  • Create category - "WikiProject Videowiki" and sub-category "WikiProject Videowiki articles"; equivalents in your respective languages.
  • Inform user Patik.pks once you have completed the above steps, along with the links of the templates you have created on your Wikipedia. The VideoWiki will be do the needful on their end to get it running for your language. In the email, please also do inform if your language has special features that generally tend to create errors in computer programs, for example, right to left writing, no unicode font etc.

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When to useEdit

  • You generally do not need a community discussion to start with this process, if you are interested and believe that there is a scope, you can familiarise yourself and get started. However, once you have created a few videos, you will need a community discussion and consensus to add them to mainspace articles, as seen in the above English Wikipedia article.


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