Learning patterns/Use of a single diagram to imprint Wikipedia basics onto newcomers

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Use of a single diagram to imprint Wikipedia basics onto newcomers
1-slide wikipedia introduction.jpg
problemIntroductory presentations to Wikipedia can be confusing as many new things have to be said
solutionUse a single diagram, visible at all time, to imprint Wikipedia basics onto newcomers
created on18 September, 2015

What problem does this solve?Edit

Confusion during an introductory presentation of Wikipedia, in which many things have to be said or discussed:

  • A lecture is tiresome, does not give opportunity for questions during the presentation and has the lowest learning impact.
  • Interactive speeches keep the interest high but can easily drive away from learning target and control is lost.
  • Hierarchy and order of new knowledge are splitted between multiple slides.

What is the solution?Edit

A sigle simple diagram, using shapes and being visible at all time behind the presenter, allows staying in focus easily and imprints basics. The presenter should point to the diagram often enough, preferably using his hand's (and finger's) shadow.


Things to considerEdit

  • Proposed diagram might have to change depending on learning targets.

When to useEdit

  • During opening seminars and lectures to Wikipedia newcomers.
  • On welcoming messages to new users, along with clickable links on the picture.

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