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Capturing User names at workshops
problemWith workshops one of the key points to retention is being able to assist participants. Another is being able to identify the impact of an event, this provides a method to accurately capture usernames.
solutionOne way is write them down on a list, another is to edit the users talk page or user rights thus building a list of participants.
created on06:21, 31 March 2017 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? edit

The problem this solves is identifying workshop participants and being able to measure their impact during the workshop event and in to the future.

What is the solution? edit

There are three approaches that can be used separately or combined.

  1. have someone with sysop rights set the user right management option to confirm all users. This also bypasses the capture for new edits, editing of semi protected pages, and enables page creation all widening the scope of the activities available.
  2. have a person with account creation permission make all of the accounts, this means that you can ensure the email this function is activated. This is especially important when large number of accounts need to be created as MediaWiki software has limits on the number of accounts that can be created from a single IP
  3. The third method can be done by any user, that is to add a welcome template to each users talk page. With a customised template you can give links to resources, various policies, and your affiliate. Additionally you now have "you have a message" notice to also highlight a practical demonstration of the User talk page.

All three methods also means that there is a permanent record in the contributions of those involve from which to make a list of participants that you can use to assess impact over longer time periods, as well as provide that immediate post event followup and support.

Things to consider edit

  • Attendee privacy

When to use edit

  • Workshops
  • Edit-a-thons
  • or any other event where users create content

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