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WikiTungi is a city based Wikipedia community, based in the two cities Puri and Bhubaneswar, in the east Indian state of Odisha . WikiTungi helps in providing advanced training sessions for Wikimedians. The concept of Tungi comes from an ancient practice of sharing knowledge from Odisha which is known as Bhagabata Tungi. The first WikiTungi concept was coined and started in Nalco Nagar with 5 active Wikipedians. Started in 2013, Odisha community has 3 WikiTungis including two major cities Puri and Bhubaneswar.

A learning pattern forvolunteer management
"WikTungi"-city based community group
problemBringing Wikipedians at a common place regularly.
solutionRegular monthly meetups and events help the community members to gather at one place share and exchange ideas.
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What problem does this solve? edit

Wikimedians contributing to Wikimedia projects are scattered in different parts of the world. Most of the time it is difficult to bring the Wikimedians together to engage them with some activities or to train them on different projects of Wikimedia. It is also difficult to bring everyone from different part to one place for any event.

What is the solution? edit

Activities conducted under WikiTungi

The city based community groups help in solving the issue, Tungi provides a platform to existing Wikimedians to seat and discuss strategies and plans for their language Wikipedia. WikiTungi meetups can also train new individuals who attend the meetups.In every meetup, Wikimedians can exchange their resources with each other, helping address their doubts and queries regarding their problems and projects. The Tungi concept of Odia Wikipedia also helps to mark the presence of the Wikimedia movement in the particular area, and also attracts individuals to take part in it. WikiTungi meetups also help in grooming up new ideas, planning of new projects and executing it. Wiki Loves Ratha Jatra is one of the major outcomes of Puri WikiTungi meetup. WikiTungi meetups are mostly zero budget meetups and depend upon individuals will to take part or not take part. Most of the WikiTungi meetups are organised in public places.

Things to consider edit

  • Fixing one permanent place as a place of meeting, so that interested Wikimedians can attend the meeting every while.
  • Avoid pressurising Wikimedians to attend the meetup, Individual should attend it according to his/her will.
  • Do not stop the flow of meetup dates, fix one permanent date with the consultation of the members.
  • Make the event as a knowledge sharing platform with fun activities.
  • Libraries, Parks and educational institutes are one of the important places to conduct Tungi meetups.

When to use edit

It is a good practice If we do these practice once in a month or once in every two month. We have fixed every second Sunday as the community meetup day for Bhubaneswar, While Wikimedians in Puri conduct meetups bi-monthly, Bhubaneswar Wikimedians meet once a month. Puri WikiTungi is one of the city based community group which became active after providing individual and group training to them through different social media channels.

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