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MediaWiki Education Program
problemFor the students who can code but don't possess writing skills
solutionStarting a MediaWiki Education Program to make the students familiar to MediaWiki platform.
created on15:23, 10 August 2017 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? edit

Wikipedia Education Program is one of the brilliant concepts to revamp the education system. But however, there are so many students who don't have the skills to write or edit an article. Also, it won't be nice to ask a group of engineering students to edit an article. If we have to attract them to the community, we need something that seems to be beneficial to them and that's what MediaWiki Education Program is all about!

What is the solution? edit

MediaWiki Education Program will provide the students with technical background an opportunity to contribute to MediaWiki under the guidance of a mentor. We will start from scratch. There will be beginner sessions on how to get started with MediaWiki. Gradually, students will be taught about Phabricator, Gerrit etc. to help them work on tasks. An example coursework can be: "You get your weekly assignment to solve 2 tasks marked as easy on Phabricator. There is no chance the student can cheat. Every one will complete the tasks on their own. No two students can complete the same task and everyone will have the opportunity to learn practical knowledge. Yes, they can seek help from the community and this is essential as well. If the students start contributing from the second year, by the end of final year, they can easily crack GSoC."

Things to consider edit

  • Keeping the students with the organisation
  • Enhance their learning skills
  • Motivate them to contribute more
  • Physical presence of the mentor is mandatory in the beginning sessions

When to use edit

In India, according to recent survey, 60% of engineering graduates are unemployed.[1] [2] [3] [4] A country which has produced people like en:Sunder Pichai and en: Satya Nadella, it is very disheartening. This is a real-world situation where MediaWiki Education Program can be implemented. Similar issues are there around the world.

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