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A learning pattern forcontent release partnerships
Partnering with a government agency
problemYou identify a government agency (at any level) with high-quality content that would benefit the Wikimedia projects.
solutionBy showcasing Wikipedia as a trustworthy and effective vehicle for disseminating information, and with a tremendous amount of patience, you can develop a strong relationship with a government agency.
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What problem does this solve? edit

Government agencies have something to offer to Wikimedia projects:

  • Archival organizations, such as the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, can offer historical media for Wikimedia Commons
  • Scientific organizations can provide research and data used to improve Wikimedia projects such as Wikidata

What is the solution? edit

  • The first step is to know someone at a relevant agency. Perhaps you know someone who knows someone, or maybe you get lucky and contacting someone out of the blue works.
  • Know the mission of the agency in question. If the agency is research-oriented, explain how Wikipedia is effective for disseminating research. Use data to back it up. For example, make note of how many people read Wikipedia articles on the pertinent subject area.
  • Set up a meeting. Invite local Wikipedians who you trust can explain Wikipedia well to a novice, non-technical audience.
  • Don't go into the weeds: focus on explaining on how Wikipedia maintains its quality and how Wikipedia is an effective communication platform.
  • One potential model is a 1.5 day meeting. The first day focuses on presentations and discussion. The following half-day, for those who are still interested, focuses on defining objectives for collaboration and setting goals.

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