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It doesn't need to be always feminist to attract women users
problemWe have difficulty in motivating women users to attend offline editations
solutionIt doesn't be always feminist to attract women users
creatorMotoko C. K.
created on20:38, 30 January 2020 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?Edit

Shortage of women users is a serious issue in Wikipedia. To solve the problem, we often host offline meetups or editathons. We choose feminism as the main subject of the event, because we usually think feminism is a general topic for women. However, it is not always successful.

What is the solution?Edit

Feminism is of course an important issue, but all of the women aren't interested in it. It can even make cautious women users reluctant to attend offline meetups of editathon, when the issue is very controversial. To attract women users, we should be able to consider other issue beside feminism.

Things to considerEdit

  • First of all, you need to specify your target women users.
  • Second, you have to decided what they are interested in, e.g., art, chemistry, and novels. If your target users are interested in feminism, you can naturally choose it as the main subject.
  • Third, it is recommended to talk with your target user about their interest, before planing the edtathon.

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