Learning patterns/Use cheatsheeting in the form of a collapsible toolbox

A learning pattern foroutreach
Use cheatsheeting in the form of a collapsible toolbox
problemSlow access through help for immediately needed stuff
solutionUse of a, one or two click away, collapsible toolbox with examples and syntax of just about everything an average editor needs handy
created on29 August, 2015

What problem does this solve? edit

Many things are easily forgotten. Syntax of templates, wiki markup, special links etc are scattered everywhere in help pages and external tools are not included there. Topics heard in lessons, even more than twice, are easily forgotten even as bullets.

What is the solution? edit

A cheatsheet collapsing thematic toolbox can be put inside user's main sandbox (1-click reach), either as a link or embedded, depended on the use of VisualEditor inside the main user sandbox or not. Cheatsheet collapsing template can be embedded as pre-expanded.

Things to consider edit

You can use Template:Collapse-mobile to make collapsing boxes that are viewable on mobile phones.

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