Learning patterns/What to consider when we generated audiovisual materials?

A learning pattern foronline engagement
What to consider when we generated audiovisual materials?
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problemMake audiovisuals material it´s not only hire a designer or editing a video. This work has several layers of analysis that should be considered. In many cases do not take notes of this and the goals are not fullfilled.
solutionWe devised this learning pattern to explain the different stages leading the design and making of audiovisual materials.
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What problem does this solve?Edit

In the movement most of the work is volunteer and the design of the differents audiovisual materials is generated for volunteers with good intentions but without expertise in communication fields. For that reason WMAR created this learning pattern.

What is the solution?Edit

To assemble an audiovisual material for a tutorial, or a documentary film is necessary to consider several things.

Things to considerEdit

Who is gonna receive the information? Teachers, students, wikimedians? Know who is going to see the audiovisual piece helps define what kind of language is going to be used in the video.
The concept. We must have a clear idea of what we want to broadcast. Make a screenplay. In this type of projects are two kind of screenplay, the literaty and the technical.
In the literary screenplay you describe what the narrator has to say and the actions that will happen on the video. All the actions must be described, which is not described is not filmed.
The technical screenplay is the one that used the team in charged to edit the video. It´s make with several columns where you put the time of the plane, the type of plane, music and other column information of the literary script but already fractioned into different blueprints.
The technical team. Many times we have to hire an external team to carry out the assembly of the video. This team needs to receive an induction from the wikimedians to understand more about the movement and what is necessary to communicate.

When to useEdit

This pattern is use when you want to make a video about the movement.


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