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Using Community Building Exercises to Teach Digital Writing Skills
problemThis learning pattern is about teaching digital literacy skills and composition while working on community building.It started with 2Rāth, an initiative founded in 2019 to preserve the literacy culture of Lebanon. Also, the project's goal was to create a digital writing community and help it persist in the face of challenges and burdens that the country of Lebanon is currently going through.
solutionKnow how to design and develop a digital writing component within a course using the Wiki Education platform. Work on a similar writing project using already tested tools. Implement collaborative writing tools in your courses thus allowing for a more situated practice. Critically frame writing projects that link academic writing with students’ social contexts. Develop L2 students’ authorial voices by encouraging them to take part in culturally relevant projects.
created on18:07, 4 April 2022 (UTC)

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Create a community research network through a digital collaboration between students, librarians, Wikipedia Education, and professors. Encourage students to develop their digital literacy and take an active part in their learning (conduct research, write well-cited articles, and avoid plagiarism). Develop students’ authorial voices by engaging them in projects related to their communities. Engage in the cultural politics of representation by developing an online presence for Lebanese and Arab authors thus preserve the literary heritage of Lebanon. Help students feel a sense of hope by creating a fun, communal project to work on.

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How can you implement this project in your much more diverse class? Ask them to edit or write articles about notable figures from their communities. (This semester I have students from Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Korea) Encourage them to translate or edit articles to/from their mother tongue. (Do not worry about being able to correct or supervise these. The Wikipedia community will help) Liaise with librarians who can offer some ideas on what information can be found in the library archives that is not already on the web. (We found a wealth of information that was missing from the Web)

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This projects work well with students from diverse backgrounds and especially in justice-focused writing classrooms. It engages students from marginalized communities with politics of representation.

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