Learning patterns/Tools are short-lived, so archive your pages

A learning pattern forproject management
Unlike Wikis, tools are more like to be broken and lost; so use Webarchive
problemUnlike Wikis, tools are maintained by fewer people – the platform change very quickly and tools will no longer function.
solutionWebarchive them! Copy them and post to a wiki!
created on05:39, 3 May 2016 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? edit

Statistics tools, jury tools for Wiki Loves projects, or some tools for contributions counter on Wikipedia in general – all of them die in a relatively short time due to various technical reansons (Toolserver->WMFLabs, WikiLabs, Labs->Wikitech) and human reasons.

Sometimes, we instinctively assume that tools on Wikis will stay as long as the Wikis. The consequence can be quite bad if you need them for your critical mission!

What is the solution? edit

  1. Webarchive the page and post the link to your project page.
  2. Alternatively, save the pages/data manually and post them to a project page while the tools are alive.

This is only a partial solution. Some tools are need to process online data.

  1. Become a tool developer yourself or
  2. Develop a good relationship with programmers if you need their services.

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