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problemInvolving newbies to editing Wikipedia
solutionOrganize a short state-wide contest in libraries
created on10 August, 2015

What problem does this solve?Edit

There is a wide net of public libraries in Ukraine (circa 18,000). Each small town has at least one library. Some libraries may have old computers and/or slow Internet, though even this in most cases is enough for editing Wikipedia. The problem is that most people who attend the libraries and use Wikipedia don't know that they can not only read Wikipedia, but also contribute to it. Usually, people in small cities and towns spend a lot of free time in libraries, so we can share the idea and provide some trainining how not only to consume the information, but also to produce and share it.

What is the solution?Edit

Organizing WikiDay - a contest which takes place in libraries around the country for one weekend (the contest lasts for 3-4 days, depending on the working hours of the libraries, as they can differ). Wikimedia Ukraine organized that contest together with Bibliomist (an organization which collaborate with libraries). Bibliomist negotiated with libraries about their participation at the contest + Bibliomist provided some prizes. Wikimedia Ukraine prepared leaflets and organized workshops in about 15 libraries at 10 different municipalities. Despite we have send representatives to other regions (many towns with participating libraries had no active Wikipedians) for providing workshops, unfortunately it was not possible to cover all libraries.

Things to considerEdit

  • A lot of attendees of libraries are seniors, and they represented more than half of attendees of our workshops. Seniors might need training not only on editing Wikipedia but also on basic computer skills, see Grants:Learning patterns/Training senior citizens.
  • The most difficult for attendees to understand was copyright issues. Some of them were not mentioning the sources, while others just were putting copyvio to the articles. It is too complicated for them.
  • It is necessary to think in advance about possible articles for creation. If main topics already have articles it may cause situation choose non-notable topics for articles.
  • If there is no Wikipedian who can attend the event, online support can be arranged, as attendees most likely will have problems, especially with copyright and notability.

When to useEdit

When it is necessary to involve more newbies and to have a fresh blood at the Wiki-movement.

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  • WikiDay (available only in Ukrainian)

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