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How to transfer the knowledge and the experience of an Education Program
problemTransferring an experience like the design, implementation and evaluation of an education program is not always an easy task: what we share and how we do it, to make it a valuable contribution to a program that is starting or wants to be strengthened in some aspect.
solutionOrganize the information under two main axes helps in the process of mentoring. Likewise, a specific methodology is needed to share the information in a clearly and consistently way.
created on15:38, 19 February 2016 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?


When it comes to mentoring regarding an education program, it is difficult to know what and how to share the information that must become a real input to other education programs, specially the new ones. Mentoring should be initiated by detecting a value input within an education program, the challenge is how to optimize it.

What is the solution?


It intends to organize the experiences and information through two axes (or main points):

  1. Temporal: how to start and develop a program, in other words the story (storytelling)
  2. Milestones and challenges: what happened and how you overcame the obstacles, what were the most successful actions, what strategies and practices are transferable.

Once the information is organized, the best way to transfer knowledge is generating a dialog (eg: face to face meetings) where you can set:

  1. Expectations of the mentoring
  2. Needs detected
  3. Previous experiences and stories regarding your future program
  4. Define the identity that will come from the Education Program
  5. Analyze the implementation contexts
  6. Identify the different methodologies involved and best practices
  7. Defining stakeholders
  8. Measuring the achievements: set initial schedules and resources

It is also important to record the process and the results coming out from the mentoring.

Things to consider


When to use


When you have to prepare a mentoring program.



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