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Coordinating with a WikiProject
problemYou are designing an outreach program and would like to address the needs of the online community
solutionBy working with a WikiProject, you can design your outreach program to address the needs of the online Wikimedia projects
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What problem does this solve?Edit

You are developing an outreach program, the purpose of which is to engage offline audiences in the improvement of Wikipedia. For example, you would like to get an art library interested in improving Wikipedia's coverage on art. But what should they focus on? What should the priority for this be?

What is the solution?Edit

To figure this out, you can coordinate with a WikiProject. WikiProjects are subject-area (or task-oriented) collaborations on Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia. These WikiProjects gather enthusiasts on a given topic or task, many of whom have identified the current needs for coverage of that subject area. Coordinating with them on the development of your program can help engage their interest as volunteers, and it will help integrate your offline efforts with the online projects.

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  • While designing the Wikipedia Summer of Monuments program, Wikimedia District of Columbia reached out to WikiProject National Register of Historic Places to gather their input on how to design the project to meet the needs of Wikipedia. They offered feedback on how a potential program might be run. Wikimedia DC also relied on statistics generated by the project, which led to it being focused on the Southern United States.


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