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Pattern to learn: The 5 articles game
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problemUnderstanding Wikipedia, Wikimedia and their communities is challenging. We can start building understanding by having anyone writing 5 articles for Wikipedia.
solutionHaving anyone writing 5 articles for Wikipedia.
created on13:23, 7 August 2018 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?Edit

Many people know Wikipedia, but they don't really understand how it works. Even people very active in the Wikimedia communities, who advocate for Wikipedia and contribute to it in many ways do not really know the behind the scene of it. It is a problem because Wikipedia is a unique ecosystem and it is difficult to understand its dynamics and to fruitfully cooperate with its communities and volunteers without experiencing it directly. But this is also a fantastic problem because it is very simply to solve: let's have everyone write 5 articles for Wikipedia.

What is the solution?Edit

Writing 5 articles for Wikipedia is a very simple way to understand how an article is structured, what are the pillars of the encyclopedia, who is the community and how it operates. It transforms anyone in a wikipedian, it contributes to enrich our encyclopedia and it triggers participation and diversity.

Things to considerEdit

Writing 5 articles is not difficult, otherwise Wikimedia would not be so actively involved in outreach and in bringing Wikipedia in education. Anyone can write 5 articles.

When to useEdit

All members of Wikimedia teams can and should write 5 articles for Wikipedia: volunteers involved in organizing events, Wikimedia chapter staff, Wikimedia Foundation staff, developers, communication teams, active contributors to Wikimedia Commons/Wikisource/Wikibooks... anyone.


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