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I love the edit button: you click it and you write for the world. I wish you could edit the world in the same way: just a click to correct mistakes, add something meaningful, improve the existing with the knowledge you can offer.

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iopensa is Iolanda Pensa,

What I am working onEdit

Projects related to Wikimedia in which I contribute as a volunteer

Projects related to Wikimedia and to my work as researcher at SUPSI (since February 2013)
  • Culture and Safety in Africa (2011-2014), applied research project to document and assess the impact of public art on urban safety in Douala, Luanda and Johannesburg. The project is releasing all its background documentation under cc by-sa and it contributes to the Wikimedia projects. The project is not evaluated according to the contributions produced on the Wikimedia projects.
  • Wikipedia Primary School and specifically with the university Research:Wikipedia Primary School SSAJRP programme (2014-2017).
  • CHEERS (2018-2012), Cultural HEritagE. Risks and Securing activities. An Alpine Space project about cultural heritage and natural risk management. I am contributing in increasing links between the research and the Wikimedia projects/OpenStreetMap.
  • Teaching Heritage Management.

user:iopensa/Wikipedia and Cultural Tourism

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