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What I am interested inEdit

Communication campaign for Wikipedia. Alessandro Serravalle, concept of "Try the edit button / Prova il tasto modifica" by Iolanda Pensa

I focus on remote areas or areas which are perceived as remote, such as Esino Lario, Africa and Ticino.

I am a member of Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH. Member of the Wikimania Committee as a representative of Wikimania 2016 and chair for 2017-2019. Member of itWikiCon 2020 (ItWikiCon/2020/Proposte/Invitare, ItWikiCon/2020/Poster/Wikipedia e la scuola italiana).

Projects related to Wikimedia and to my work as researcher at SUPSI (since February 2013)Edit

Open Science and GLAMs: Open Science for Arts, Design and Music. Open Science, GLAMs and Citizen Science (i.e. the Wikimedia projects and OpenStreetMap).

Installation and exhibition about Wikipedia:

Get the background knowledge on Wikipedia and move on:

  • Culture and Safety in Africa (2011-2014), applied research project to document and assess the impact of public art on urban safety in Douala, Luanda and Johannesburg. The project is releasing all its background documentation under cc by-sa and it contributes to the Wikimedia projects. The project is not evaluated according to the contributions produced on the Wikimedia projects.

Research data available for Wikipedia, the Wikimedia projects and OpenStreetMap

  • Open Science SUPSI - I am preparing the guidelines and implementing pilot projects.
  • CHEERS (2018-2022), Cultural HEritagE. Risks and Securing activities. An Alpine Space project about cultural heritage and natural risk management. I am contributing in increasing links between the research and the Wikimedia projects/OpenStreetMap.
  • SEADDA (2019), Saving European Archaeological from the Digital Dark Age.

Triggering synergies with GLAMs and Heritage.

I always include information design in what I do (as a research tool, as an evaluation tool and because it's really cool. sic.).

And I love producing communication campaigns!

I support the WikiJournal and I appreciate to stay Under the hood of a cozy online conference :)