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The Wikimedia documents initiative (WMDOC) aims at creating and maintaining a centralized set of standardized, up-to-date and localized core reference documents for public relations, marketing and public outreach. It follows the PR material cleanup.

All documents will be hosted on meta-wiki. Their PDF version will be hosted on Commons.


This initiative's goal is to maintain a set of core documents such as leaflets, cheatsheets, presentations and one-pagers[1]. All-in-one kits with several of these documents will also be offered for Wikimedians who want to stage an event easily. More specific documents such as posters can be created but they won't be a part of the core set of documents.

Tools & fontsEdit

In order to allow for maximum flexibility, dissemination and responsiveness, all the documents produced as part of this initiative will be created using open fonts, libre software and open formats.



Notes and referencesEdit

  1. One-pagers can be assembled into a press kit.